Download a 10-Gbps Ethernet Hardware Demonstration



This page contains download files, system requirements, installation instructions, and support information for the 10-Gbps Ethernet (10GbE) Hardware Demonstration reference designs.

Software Requirements

The system requirements to use this 10GbE Hardware Demonstration reference design includes:

  • Quartus® II software version 11.0
  • Qsys system integration tool
  • 10GbE MAC Megacore version 11.0
  • XAUI PHY Megacore version 11.0

Installation Instructions

After unzipping the design files, follow the instructions in application note AN 638: 10-Gbps ethernet MAC and XAUI PHY interoperability hardware demonstration reference design. AN638 walks you through the installation process for the 10GbE Hardware Demonstration reference design.


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