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Why does Encounter Conformal report undefined design entities during formal verification?


  • Verification
    Description The Encounter Conformal formal verification tool may report this error if the design entity name in the design netlist does not match the case of the entity in the formal verification library.

    For example, designs including an LPM_MULT megafunction specified in uppercase result in the following errors:
    // Running Conformal on the <design_name> design gives the following errors.
    // Error:<file_name>:<line #> Design unit 'LPM_MULT' is referenced but not defined

    In this example, the post-synthesis design netlist includes the name LPM_MULT in uppercase. Because the formal verification library models for all Altera megafunctions are lowercase, Encounter Conformal cannot find the uppercase LPM_MULT model in the library.

    To correct this problem, change the name in the post-synthesis design netlist from uppercase to lowercase (in this example, change the name to lpm_mult).

    For more information on formal verification using Conformal, refer to the Cadence Incisive Conformal Equivalency Checker Support (PDF) chapter in volume 3 of the Quartus II Handbook.

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