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How can I view multiple signals as a single bus in the Quartus® II simulation waveform output?


  • Simulation
    Description The Quartus® II simulator output is for display purposes only, and it cannot be modified. However, you can perform the following steps to view signals together in one bus:

    1. Save the results of the simulation as a Vector Waveform File (.vwf).
    2. Open the VWF in the Quartus II software.
    3. Select the signals to be part of the bus, and select Group (right-click pop-up menu).
    4. Enter the Group name and the Radix and click OK.

    To avoid these steps and simulate signals as a group in the simulator output, group the signals in the source VWF. You can also save the simulation results to the original VWF using the option Overwrite simulation input file with simulation results on the Simulator page of the Settings dialog box (Assignments menu).

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