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Following <x> pins use on-chip clamping diodes but the I/O bank VCCIO is not 3.3V


  • PCI

    This message occurs because the Quartus® II software allows the PCI clamp diode to be enabled only for I/O pins that use a 3.3V I/O standard. 

    To work around this restriction for input pins in 2.5V I/O banks, define the pin as a 3.3V I/O standard. This is permitted because 3.3V inputs are allowed in a 2.5V I/O bank.  The software successfully compiles the design resulting in an input pin with a 2.5 V clamping diode. Altera® does not support this application because the PCI clamp diode is intended only for use in a 3.3V I/O standard. There are no plans to provide IBIS models for this implementation.

    Beginning with version 7.1, the Quartus II software message is improved for this case.


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