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Why do I get a Cyclone device LVDSCLKn Boundary-Scan Failure


Description You may get a Cyclone® device LVDSCLKn Boundary-Scan Failure becasue at power up, CLK1& CLK3 are disabled while CLK0 & CLK2 are enabled. If CLK1 or CLK3 needs to be verified in a boundary scan testing, the input buffer of the clock pins can be enabled by configuring them using CONFIG_IO instruction.

This can be done by applying the CONFIG_IO instruction after power-up before carrying out pre-configuration boundary scan testing. Refer to
MorphIO: An I/O Reconfiguration Solution for Altera Devices (PDF) for more information on the CONFIG_IO instruction.

If you intend to test these CLK pins in pre-configuration boundary scan testing, download the modified Cyclone 1149.1 Boundary-Scan Description Language (BSDL) Files.

If these CLK pins do not need to be in the JTAG chain for boundary scan testing, use the latest Cyclone 1149.1 BSDL files.

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