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How can I monitor the RY/BY pin of the AM29LV128 flash device on the Nios® development board, Stratix® II Edition from within my Stratix II application?


  • Nios® II Processor
    Description In order to use the RY/BY output of the flash device within a design running on the Nios development board, Stratix II Edition follow the instructions below:

    1. Add an input pin to the config_controller design located in the <Nios II install directory>\examples\<HDL>\<development board>\EPM7128_flash_config_controller directory.
    2. Assign the new input pin to location 35 on the EPM7128 device.
    3. Recompile the design in the Quartus® II tool. The EPM7128 device will now tri-state its connection to the flash's RY/BY pin.
    4. Program the EPM7128 device on the Stratix II board with the POF file generated in the above step.
    5. Open the Quartus II design which you are targeting to the Stratix II board.
    6. Go to the Assignment Editor and add the "Weak Pull-up Resistor" option for the RY/BY pin.

    After performing the above steps you can access the RY/BY output of the flash in your Stratix II design.

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