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Why are transceiver resource counts and data rates not correct in the Cyclone IV GX Early Power Estimator (EPE) when importing a design from the Quartus II software?



When using the Quartus® II software to generate a PowerPlay Early Power Estimation file for Cyclone® IV GX designs using transceivers, the resource count and transceiver data rates may not be correct when importing the .csv file to the EPE. 

For example, if you are using the PCIe HIP, the EPE may show two HIP resources being used, one for transmitter, and one for receiver, even though one HIP is used in the design for receiver and transmitter purposes.

The data rates may not be imported correctly either.  The EPE may show either the transmitter or receiver data rates at their minimum supported value.


These issues are due to the .csv being generated by the Quartus II software with incorrect information.  You can view and edit the .csv to correct any of these mistakes (manually merge values for transmitter and receiver into one row and update the transceiver data rate values), or manually adjust the EPE to represent your design resource and data rate requirements. 

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