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How can I reset the bitslip in the ALTLVDS_RX mega function in Arria® V and Cyclone® V devices?


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition
  • Avalon ALTPLL

    The rx_cda_reset input port of the ALTLVDS_RX malfunction is not supported in Arria® V GX, GT, SX, and ST devices and Cyclone® V devices beginning in the Quartus® II software version 12.1.  The bitslip, also referred to as the data alignment, is set to the zero latency position (reset) by asserting pll_areset.

    Note the RTL simulation model does not reset the bitslip when pll_areset is asserted.  This is an issue only with the RTL simulation model.  The RTL simulation model is scheduled to be fixed in a future version of the Quartus II software.




    The bitslip latency will be set to the zero position when pll_areset is asserted in gate level simulation, and in hardware.

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