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Why doesn't the Quartus II software give debugging information when a “Can’t fit design in device” error is reported during I/O Analysis of Stratix III designs containing DDR2 interfaces?



The Quartus® II Software versions 7.2 SP2 and earlier may not generate sub error messages to explain the root causes of a no-fit error, when it is generated during the I/O Analysis phase of the Fitter.

The Fitter should report information such as the following:

Extra Info: Cant globally route 1 more signal(s) into a region 9 global signals have been allocated to the region but the hardware only allows 9 global signals

There can be many causes for no-fits. Altera recommends that you check all design guidelines with regard to I/O assignments and clock / PLL usage. If you encounter problems debugging the cause of a no-fit error, you can contact Altera Technical support by submitting a service request via MySupport on

The problem of debugging messages not being reported is scheduled to be fixed in the next release of the Quartus II software.

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