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Why do I get the error message similar to below when compiling a PCI Express design in the Quartus® II software for Cyclone® V devices?


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    The following error message is due to incorrect nPERST pin placement in the PCI Express Intel® FPGA IP core.  For example, you will get this error message if you use pin nPERSTL0 with the bottom left HIP in Cyclone® V devices. 

    Error (175001): Could not place Hard IP
        Info (175028): The Hard IP name: <top level instantiation>|altpcie_cv_hip_ast_hwtcl:dut|altpcie_av_hip_ast_hwtcl:altpcie_av_hip_ast_hwtcl|
        Error (10104): Unable to find a path between I/O pad and PINPERST port of PCI Express Hard IP.
            Error (10151): "HIP_X1_Y15_N0" is not a legal location for "I/O pad" connected to PINPERSTN of PCI Express Hard IP.
            Info (10371): 2 potential locations for I/O pad: PIN_W24, PIN_Y23.
            Info (175029): 1 location affected
                Info (175029): HIP_X1_Y15_N0


    The correct mapping for nPERSTL0 and nPERSTL1 in a Cyclone® V device is:

    Bottom PCIe Hard IP --> nPERSTL1
    Top PCIe Hard IP  --> nPERSTL0
    This mapping is opposite for Stratix® V and Arria® V devices where the bottom PCIe Hard IP is associated with nPERSTL0 and the top PCIe Hard IP is associated with nPERSTL1.

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