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Why is the Stratix® GX jitter spec in the datasheet not given for all data rates?


Description The amount of jitter can be the result of many factors in the system. The data rate, run-length, VOD, Pre-emphasis, Equalizer settings are a few of the factors to consider. The same value would not be valid for all conditions. Not every possible variation could be characterized. The datasheet contains a practical selection of protocol jitter specs across frequency for the Stratix GX devices. The data sheet was updated based on a supplemental Stratix GX characterization report where more jitter analysis was completed across silicon process, voltage, and temperature with 16 channels and with 75% of the array filled with counters running. Eight protocol conditions were tested with the best VOD, Pre-emphasis, Equalization for the set up. The datasheet has these eight conditions specified including the best VOD, Pre-emphasis, Equalization for the set up. Using a different set up condition can get different results.

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