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What is the naming convention for Stratix V IBIS models?



The IBIS model files that are generated by the Quartus® II software for Stratix® V devices do not contain the naming nomenclature for the models within the IBIS model file.

The naming nomenclature for the IBIS models is as follows:

|Naming Nomenclature
All models follow the following naming method <I/O Standard>_<I/O>_<Features> 
<I/O Standard> refers to:
lvttl    - 3.3V LVTTL
lvcmos    - 3.3V LVCMOS
25        - 2.5V LVCMOS
18        - 1.8V LVCMOS
15        - 1.5V LVCMOS
12        - 1.2V LVCMOS
hstl18i  - 1.8V HSTL Class I
hstl15i  - 1.5V HSTL Class I
hstl12i  - 1.2V HSTL Class I
hstl18ii  - 1.8V HSTL Class II
hstl15ii  - 1.5V HSTL Class II
hstl12ii  - 1.2V HSTL Class II
sstl2i    - 2.5V SSTL Class I
sstl18i  - 1.8V SSTL Class I
sstl15i  - 1.5V SSTL Class I
sstl2ii  - 2.5V SSTL Class II
sstl18ii  - 1.8V SSTL Class II
sstl15ii  - 1.5V SSTL Class II
sstl135  - 1.35V SSTL
sstl125  - 1.25V SSTL
hsul12    - 1.2V HSUL
lvds      - 2.5V LVDS
minilvds  - 2.5V mini-LVDS
rsds      - 2.5V RSDS
lvpecl25  - 2.5V LVPECL
dhstl18i  - Differential 1.8V HSTL Class I
dhstl15i  - Differential 1.5V HSTL Class I
dhstl12i  - Differential 1.2V HSTL Class I
dhstl18ii - Differential 1.8V HSTL Class II
dhstl15ii - Differential 1.5V HSTL Class II
dhstl12ii - Differential 1.2V HSTL Class II 
dsstl2i  - Differential 2.5V SSTL Class I
dsstl18i  - Differential 1.8V SSTL Class I
dsstl15i  - Differential 1.5V SSTL Class I
dsstl2ii  - Differential 2.5V SSTL Class II
dsstl18ii - Differential 1.8V SSTL Class II
dsstl15ii - Differential 1.5V SSTL Class II

<I/O> refers to:
Top & Bottom I/O Bank (Begins with Letter 'c'):
crin  - Column input, DIFFIO_RX pin
ctin  - Column input, DIFFIO_TX pin
crio  - Column I/O, DIFFIO_RX pin
ctio  - Column I/O, DIFFIO_TX pin

<Features> refers to:
s0      - Slow Slew Rate
s1      - fast Slew Rate
d12    - 12mA Current Strength
r25    - 25 Ohm series on-chip Termination without Calibration
r50c    - 50 Ohm series on-chip Termination with Calibration
e3r    - Emulated LVDS/mini-LVDS/RSDS with 3 external resistors
p0      - pre-emphasis disabled
p1      - pre-emphasis enabled
v0      - low VOD
v1      - medium low VOD
v2      - medium high VOD
v3      - high VOD

Example: lvcmos_crio_d16s3 refers to 3.3V LVCMOS I/O standard with 16mA drive
strength, and fast slew rate setting on top and bottom I/O bank

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