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Why does my Cyclone V SoC or Arria V SoC design hang on boot or fail SDRAM calibration?


  • Cyclone® V FPGAs and SoC FPGAs
  • Arria® V FPGAs and SoC FPGAs
  • Arria® V SX SoC FPGA
  • Cyclone® V SE SoC FPGA
  • Cyclone® V ST SoC FPGA
  • Cyclone® V SX SoC FPGA
  • Arria® V ST SoC FPGA
  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition
  • PLL

    Due to a problem, Cyclone® V SoC and Arria® V SoC devices may encounter the following issues for configurations with clock select (CSEL) pins set to values of  01, 10 or 11:

    1. The HPS hangs during the BootROM stage and is unable to proceed to the Preloader stage.
    2. HPS SDRAM calibration fails during the Preloader process.

    A patch for the Quartus® II software / SoC EDS versions 13.1 and 14.0 is available to work around this problem,  follow the instructions below.

    1. Download and install the patch from the appropriate link below

    • Connect the CSEL pins [1:0] to pull-down to ground resistors (4.7 kohm to 10 kohm) on the board, CSEL=00. In this CSEL mode the BootROM does not perform PLL configuration and the PLLs are in by-pass state upon power-up or cold reset.


    • Regenerate the Preloader image
      1. Launch embedded command shell
        • On Windows systems, run the batch file:  <SoCEDS installation Folder>\embedded\Embedded_Command_Shell.bat
        • On Linux systems, run the shell script:  <SoCEDS installation Folder>\embedded\
      2. In the command shell, change directory to <your_design_path>/software/spl_bsp
      3. Type make clean-all
        • Note: This command removes the Preloader binary image and the uboot-socfpga folder which contains all Preloader source files. If you modified or added files into this folder previously,you should back-up those files and re-apply them after using this patch.
      4. Type make
        • Note: Re-making the Preloader invokes extracting the Preloader source files from SoC EDS installation directory which contains the fix to this issue.



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