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Critical Warning: GXB Central Management Unit (CMU) <Instance specific to your design> is not connected to a GXB reconfig logic block, but the RX offset cancellation feature requires that it must be



You may receive this critical warning for two of the following reasons:

1)  You have not instantiated the Dynamic Reconfiguration Megafunction™ (ALTGX_RECONFIG ) in your design.  This Megafunction is required for receiver offset cancelation when your transceiver instance is in receiver only or full duplex mode (receiver/transmitter).

Action:  Instantiate the Dynamic Reconfiguration Megafunction (ALTGX_RECONFIG ) in your design

2) You have generated your ALTGX and ALTGX_RECONFIG instances in a previous version of Quartus® II software.

Action: Regenerate your ALTGX and ALTGX_RECONFIG instances in the Quartus II software version 9.0 Megawizard™ Plug in Manager and recompile the design.  Once the instances have been updated, the project should compile without this critical warning.

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