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Illegal SLEW_RATE settings in ALTGX megafunctions that target Stratix IV GX devices


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    Critical Issue


    If, in the Quartus II software version 12.1 or later, you migrate an ALTGX megafunction created with the Quartus II software 12.0 or earlier, a compilation error might occur if all of the following scenarios apply to your design:

    • You create an ALTGX megafunction using the Basic protocol or the Basic protocol with direct physical medium attachment (PMA Direct).
    • Your design implements a data rate of less than 1 Gbps.
    • Your design targets a Stratix IV GX device.

    The error message TX PMA element \'<name>\' has an illegal SLEW_RATE setting OFF might appear because it is illegal to set the SLEW_RATE setting to OFF.


    Regenerate the ALTGX megafunction in the Quartus II software version 12.1 or later using the following steps:

    1. Click MegaWizard Plug-In Manager on the Tools menu to open the MegaWizard Plug-In Manager dialog box.
    2. Select your ALTGX megafunction VHDL Design File (.vhd).
    3. Click the Next button.
    4. Click the Next buttons in subsequent dialog boxes to confirm the parameter assignments until the MegaWizard Plug-In Manger displays the Summary tab.
    5. Click the Finish button.

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