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How do I use the Avery BFM to simulate PCI Express Gen3x16 designs using Quartus Prime Pro Edition Software 17.1 Stratix 10 ES Editions?



Stratix® 10 devices support PCI® Express Hard IP modes up to Gen3x16. Simulating Gen3x16 requires using a third-party root complex BFM. This document describes how to set up a simulation using a third-party BFM. The set up focuses on an Avery BFM and is targeted for the Mentor ModelSim and Synopsys VCS simulators. You can adapt these steps to other third-party BFMs and other simulation software. Third-party BFMs are only supported for Gen3x16 simulation. For modes up to Gen3x8, follow the instructions in the Stratix 10 Avalon-ST Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide. Note: The Intel FPGA root complex bus functional model (BFM) only supports modes up to Gen3x8. 


Follow the steps in this document for a walkthrough on setting up a Gen3x16 simulation using the Avery BFM.

The simulation scripts required for the walkthrough can be found here. 


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