Warranty and Replacement Information for Intel® Processors

Last Reviewed: 08-Sep-2017
Article ID: 000007375

Warranty and replacement instructions for Intel® Processors varies depending on whether a processor is boxed (retail) or standard OEM (tray) processor. For boxed processors, Intel Corporation offers a 3-year limited warranty. Non-boxed Intel processors are warranted only through the place of purchase and only for the length of time agreed to at the time of purchase. Intel Corporation does not offer a direct warranty for non-boxed processors.

We do not have a program that would replace or supplement an OEM processor warranty agreed to with a vendor. If the vendor was part of a retail chain, warranty fulfillment and product return may be available through another store.

Complete warranty information is available on our warranty Web page.

To obtain warranty service for your processor (whether purchased in its original sealed packaging or as part of a computer system), you may contact your original place of purchase in accordance with the instructions or you may contact Intel.

Prior to obtaining a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for an Intel® Processor, please refer to the Warranty Information Q&A Web site.