General Netbook Service, Support, and Troubleshooting

Last Reviewed: 10-Aug-2016
Article ID: 000007334

Since netbook computers differ between systems, Intel does not recommend opening or upgrading the processor or wireless adapter. If you want to upgrade a netbook computer, you can contact your manufacturer.

Intel manufacturers components and does not manufacture or sell complete netbook systems. If you require troubleshooting support for your netbook, see the following resources before contacting Intel® Customer Support.

Netbook Manufacturers
Intel components can be customized by the netbook manufacturer and validated as an entire system. If you are experiencing issues with your netbook computer, the system manufacturer is the best source of support.

Wireless Service Provider
Wireless access requires a connection to a serviceprovider. If you are having problems connecting to a wireless network or hotspot, check with your service provider to verify the status of the network and the settings required to establish a connection.

Intel Customer Support
Intel offers a number of technical support options if you can't get your issues resolved through the manufacturer or service provider.

If you are not sure if an Intel component is inside your netbook, run the System Information Utility to identify Intel® products on your computer.
Note Customers registered with an Intel® Channel Program should check the Intel Reseller site for additional product support information.

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