Tuning Your Intel® Solid State Drive with the Intel® SSD Toolbox

Last Reviewed: 16-Mar-2017
Article ID: 000006395

The System Tuner is a feature of the Intel® SSD Toolbox. It optimizes Superfetch/Prefetch, ReadyBoost, Device Initiated Power Management, and Defragmentation.

  1. Open the Intel® SSD Toolbox.

  2. Select the Intel® Solid State Drive on the home screen.

  3. Click System Tuner.
    The System Tuner panel opens.
    System tuner panel

  4. The System Tuner displays services that can be optimized for use with the selected Intel SSD. If a service can be optimized, Tune! displays next to the service name. Click the feature to tune. For this example, we are tuning Superfetch/Prefetch.
    System Tuner panel with Tune link highlighted

    The feature is tuned and the System Tuner panel repopulates, indicating that the feature is optimized.
    repopulated System Tuner panel

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