Get Started with Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYKH

Last Reviewed: 29-Jun-2017
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Here’s a checklist for you to get started using your Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYKH.
Follow the User Guide to learn how to build your Intel NUC.
Find compatible memory modules.
Find compatible peripherals (for example, drives, monitors, and hubs):

Download and install the latest BIOS version: 
Install an operating system: 
Install device drivers:
  • Use Download Center on a different computer to download and copy onto a USB thumb drive.
Critical drivers Chipset
Gigabit Ethernet
Intel® Management Engine
USB 3.0 – if you install Windows 7*
Optional drivers Audio – required if you plan to use the front panel audio jack
Infrared – required if you plan to use an infrared remote control
View the Regulatory Documentation.
View the Limited Warranty.
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