Intel® Application Optimization with Advanced Mode


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  • Make sure you have the latest BIOS that includes Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology (Intel® DTT) enablement and that Intel® DTT version 11405 or newer is installed on your system before trying to install Intel® Application Optimization user interface (UI) from Microsoft Store*.
  • Some system manufacturers may not have the latest Intel® DTT available to utilize Intel® Application Optimization with Advanced Mode. If a version of Intel® DTT 11405 or later is not available, Intel® Application Optimization may not install or may install without Advanced Mode support.
  • APO Advanced Mode unlocks limited support to processors with 6 performance-cores and above. All other processors with less than 6 performance-cores are not supported at this this time, even with Advanced Mode.
  • The Intel® Application Optimization may appear in some third-party documentation as APO.

Intel® Application Optimization Advanced Mode allows users to see additional game titles that have not been validated to show performance improvement by Intel. This means that neither the processor nor the specific system configuration has been validated, and results may vary, including potential performance degradation. Users may choose to use Advanced Mode at their own risk, but Intel cannot guarantee any improvement or optimization to processor or games under this mode of operation.

Users may choose to switch on the Advanced Mode of Intel Application Optimization to unlock enhanced support for a broader range of games, optimized for specific system configurations. Keep in mind, performance outcomes may differ and unexpected changes could arise. Don't worry, you can easily revert to regular system behavior by turning off Intel Application Optimization, either globally or for individual applications

Users with limited supported Intel® Core™ Processors 12th, 13th and 14th gen processors may be able to test Intel Application Optimization by making sure their BIOS is enabled for it and Intel® DTT is installed on the system. Then users may choose to unlock Advanced Mode and select games available to them in the UI.

System responsiveness may vary based on configuration and graphics card capabilities. Users can find which applications are optimized and disable optimization as needed by downloading the Intel Application Optimization user interface available for download on Microsoft Store*.

For a list of fully supported and validated processors, visit Intel® Application Optimization Overview. If your processor is not included in the list, it is considered a limited support processor, which can only be used under the Advance Mode operation at your own risk.

  • Available games for validated systems may vary based on configuration.
  • System configuration, processor, graphics card, and application used will impact the frames-per-second (FPS) upside users can expect.
  • If a processor is not listed above, it hasn’t been validated for Intel Application Optimization use, so the application is used at user’s own risk. Reach out to motherboard system manufacturer to make sure an Intel Application Optimization-enabled BIOS is available