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What Is Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost and How Do I Find If It Is Supported in My Processors?


Provides information on Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost.


Need information about  Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost and if it is supported by my Intel processor.


Introduced in 2018, Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost (Intel® TVB) is a technology that unlocks extra CPU performance when thermal headroom and turbo power budget are available.

Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost (Intel® TVB) is a feature that opportunistically and automatically increases clock frequency above single-core and multi-core Intel® Turbo Boost Technology frequencies based on how much the processor is operating below its maximum temperature and whether turbo power budget is available. The frequency gain and duration is dependent on the workload, capabilities of the processor and the processor cooling solution.

Follow steps below to check if your processor supports the Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost.

  1. Go to Product Specification page.
  2. Enter the processor number in the search box, located upper right corner, and click Enter. You can Identify your Intel processor to get the processor number.
  3. Once you are in the product specification page for the processor, scroll down to Advanced Technologies.
  4. Check for Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost.

Here is an example using i9-13900KF

Example using i9-13900KF