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Error Message of “Connection Lost” for Intel® Unison™ PC App


Microsoft Windows* 11 SV2 and above, Wireless, Bluetooth, iOS* 15.x and above, Android* 9 and above

Windows 11* Family


Troubleshooting steps to check the error message of Connection lost.


When I open the Intel® Unison™ PC app, it prompts an error message: Connection lost. Check that your PC is connected to the internet.

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Or Connection Lost. Check that your phone has an active internet connection and that the Intel® Unison™ app on your phone/tablet is active.

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When I open the Intel® Unison™ app on the phone/tablet, My PC shows Connecting or Stand by.

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Connect to the Internet for both PC and phone/tablet. Best performance with the same network environment.

Switch Bluetooth OFF then ON for both PC and phone/tablet.

Click Intel® Unison™ PC app Hub or My computer name.

Check phone/tablet device’s Last synced status is Now or the current date and time.

Check the Intel® Unison™ app on the phone/tablet, My PC shows Connected

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If the Last synced date and time are not the latest or My PC do not shows Connected

Go to Manage My Devices> General > My Unison Devices.

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Remove the phone/tablet from the list.

Click +Add Tablet or +Add Phone

Pair both PC and phone/tablet with Bluetooth and Internet connection.

Additional information

Update Intel® Unison™ app for PC and phone/tablet to latest version from Microsoft* Store.

Update latest Windows* patch.

Update latest Wireless and Bluetooth driver.