Compatibility of Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors (14th gen)


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Intel® Core™ Desktop processors (14th gen) use the LGA1700 socket and require motherboards based on Intel® 700 Series Desktop Chipsets and Intel® 600 Series Desktop Chipsets. Intel® 600 Series and Intel® 700 Series require a BIOS update when upgrading from Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors 12th or 13th to a 14th gen.

These processors aren't compatible with motherboards based on Intel® 500 Series Desktop ChipsetsIntel® 400 Series Desktop ChipsetIntel® 300 Series ChipsetIntel® 200 Series Chipset and Intel® 100 Series Chipset.

Similarly, 11th Gen, 10th Gen, 9th Gen, 8th Gen, 7th Gen and 6th Generation Intel® Desktop Processors aren't compatible with the Intel® Z790 and Z690 Desktop Chipset based motherboards.

Intel® Core™ Desktop processors (14th gen) support DDR5 (Up to 5600/4800) MT/s & DDR4 (Up to 3200) MT/s speeds.

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