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Can the Intel® NUC Laptop Kits Battery be Upgraded to a Larger Capacity?


The battery capacity cannot be upgraded.


The battery capacities of the Intel® NUC Laptop Kits:

  • Intel® NUC X15 Laptop Kit - LAPAC: 62 Whr (4100 mAh)
  • Intel® NUC X15 Laptop Kit - LAPKC: 94 Whr (8200 mAh)
  • Intel® NUC M15 Laptop Kits - LAPRC & LAPBC: 73.41 Whr (4830 mAh)
  • Intel® NUC 9 Extreme Laptop Kit - LAPQC: LAPKC: 94 Whr (8200 mAh)

The battery capacity cannot be upgraded due to the below reasons.

  • The motherboard used by the NUC Laptop Kits has specific tolerances when it comes to power. Every power setting, balanced, high performance, etc. has been tested using the currently installed battery. Plus, all the performance technologies, Intel SpeedStep®, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, etc. have all been tuned to the power provided by the battery Intel has provided.
  • installing an untested battery may not only harm the motherboard's circuitry, but it could cause undesired issues for the user.
  • Replacing the battery will not only void the warranty, but it will also void the regulatory testing done on the product, technically voiding the agreement Intel and the government made to sell the product in the country the user resides.