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Intel® NUC12WS Will Not boot When Using Two Sticks of Memory with Different Density


Explains why dual configuration of RAM does not boot the Intel® NUC 12 Pro Kit NUC12WSHi7.

  • Two identical memory modules with different density (for example, 8Gb and 16Gb) with the same Part Number does not boot up the NUC
  • When inserting either stick of memory, 8Gb or 16Gb, the system boots up normally
  • When using two memory modules of the same density simultaneously, system boots up normally
  • Definition of Terms:
    • Module capacity: The memory capacity of the memory module is usually measured in gigabytes (GB).
    • Memory density: the memory capacity per chip, usually measured in gigabits (Gb). We also call this characteristic memory technology.
  • It is advisable to buy a memory kit when using dual configuration. When buying a memory kit, it is expected that both modules will have the same specs compared to buying two separate modules, which has a risk of having different densities, timings, etc.
  • Most non-kit combinations work, however, they are vulnerable to the following issues:
    • Higher risks of compatibility issues
    • When you use a non-kit combination memory controller, it will try to synchronize the memory module; hence, both modules will work at the frequency and timing of the slowest one.