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Experiencing Unprompted Reboots when Gaming on Intel® Arc™ A770


Windows 11* Family, Windows® 10 family


Solution for system shutdowns in the middle of gameplay.


The computer keeps rebooting on its own while playing games.

  1. Confirm your system driver is up to date. Use one of the following options
    • Compare your driver version number with the latest version available in Intelthe  Download Center. If your driver is older, please update.
    • Use Intel Driver and Support Assistant to validate your driver version and update if prompted.
    • Check if Intel Arc Control is recommending a newer driver version. 
  2. Make sure that the power supply meets the system requirements.
  3. Test all critical components (processor, RAM, PSU, and video card)
    • Check that all these components are running at typical operation temperature. Overheating components may trigger system shutdowns. 
    • Test by booting the system using only essential components (motherboard, processor, one stick of memory, video card, one storage drive, and power supply).
    • Try re-seating your Graphics Card and RAM modules. Use a soft cloth or a compressed air can to gently wipe or blow away any dust or dirt on the sticks, the GPU card, and the slots. If you use a riser cable for the GPU, ensure it is correctly attached to both ends. 
  4. If possible, test with another Graphics Card or use the affected Graphics Card in another system.

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