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Admin API key management

Admin API Keys are needed to manage all non-attestation functions in Intel Trust Authority. This includes creating attestation API keys, inviting new users, changing user permissions, managing policies, and managing subscription levels. These can only be viewed from the portal by a user with the Tenant Admin role.


View Admin API keys

  1. Sign in to the Intel Trust Authority portal.
  2. Select Admin API keys.
  3. View the API keys in the table.

Manage Services

  1. Provide a name for the API key. Names can be any string of up to 64 alphanumeric characters. Spaces and special characters other than "_" or "-" are not supported.

  2. Optionally, assign one or more tags to the new API key. Tags are key-value pairs used to help track utilization for reports and metrics. The Workload tag is pre-defined. The workload tag can use values like an application's name to track the attestations requested by a given application. See Tag management for more details.

  3. Optionally, assign one or more policies to the new API key. Use the Select an existing policy dropdown menu to choose from existing policies. Alternatively, you can create a new policy by selecting the Create a new policy radio button. See Policy management for more details.

  4. Once finished, select SAVE & CONTINUE.

  5. Review the information on the Confirm API key details page.

  6. If everything is correct, select SUBMIT.

    The new API key is created, along with any new tags and/or policies.


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