Supported Memory Type for Intel® Xeon® E-2400 Series


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The supported memory type for the Intel® Xeon® E Processors can be found on the product specification page ( 


  Intel® Xeon® E
Memory Type DDR54
Voltage (V) 1.1 V
Connector UDIMM
Speed (MT/s) 4800 (1SPC)3

4400 (2SPC - 1DIMM)1,2

4000 (2SPC - 2DIMM 1R)1

3600 (2SPC - 2DIMM 2R)1

Board Layers 4 or 65
Channels 2
DIMM Per Channel 1 or 2
DIMM Capacities (GB) 8,16, 32
Max Bandwidth (GB/s) 76.8
  1. 2SPC = platform design supports four physical DIMM slots, two per channel. 2DPC is supported when the channel is populated with the same DIMM type per memory population rules. Symmetric configurations are required for 2SPC within one channel (e.g., 1R/1R, 2R/2R). There are no restrictions across channels. The number of DIMMs listed is the number populated per channel.
  2. Single UDIMM populated in two DIMMs per channel (2SPC) physical design. POPULATION Rule:  Ensure the furthest DIMM from the processor is populated.
  3. For DDR5 platform designs, per the specification definition, 1SPC = platform design only supports two physical DIMM slots, one per channel.
  4. All DDR5 memory speeds are enabled via Gear 2 ratio.
  5. 1SPC can use 4L but 2SPC should only use 6L.