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Note The Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty is no longer being sold and has been discontinued.

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How can I get support?

If you need support for your Extended Warranty purchase, send an email to

Are there time restrictions around when an extended warranty (EW) can be purchased?

Extended warranty services must be purchased within 30 days of the purchase of a compatible system or product.

What products are covered?

The Intel® Server Services Configuration Guide lists the parts that are covered under Extended Warranty.

Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty Configuration Guide (PDF) PDF icon

The PDF document gives you a service overview, system product order codes, board product order codes, chassis product order codes, and storage and RAID product order codes.

For more details, see a list of compatible products for the Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty (EW) program.

Size: 537 KB
Date: March 2019
Revision: 3.1

Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader*.

Alternately, visit the Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty - Configuration Guide page.

What isn't covered?

The following aren't covered:

  • Third-party add-in cards
  • Memory
  • Hard drives
  • Processors
  • Keyboards
  • Video
  • Mice
  • Graphics cards
  • RAID backup batteries
  • Optical drives
  • Plastics
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Non-electrical parts
  • Parts specific to original equipment manufacturers (OEMS)
How do I have hardware replaced through the EW program?

Call your reseller to diagnose the issue. The reseller will contact Intel Customer Support (ICS), if they determine the resolution requires a replacement part from Intel. ICS works with the reseller to diagnose and verify extended warranty eligibility. If covered, Intel sends a replacement part.

I see that my RAID controller is a "child product", what does that mean?

This SN is not set up as a standalone product. It’s part of a system and can not have warranty entitlement applied to it separately. Warranty entitlement can only be applied to the Parent product.

Is the extended warranty (EW) offered in all geographical locations?

The EW is available anywhere the Intel standard warranty is available through qualified distributors. Each country’s standard terms and conditions apply.

How long is the EW for?

2 year extension on your base warranty

How is coverage verified?

Coverage is verified against Intel’s registration database using the serial number from the:

  • Chassis, for a System EW
  • Motherboard, for a Board EW
  • RAID product, for a RAID EW
Are products replaced by Intel identical to the original product purchased?

Refer to Warranty Terms and Conditions for Intel® Products > Server Products

Can the EW be transferred to a new Intel server?

The warranty is non-transferable.

If a product is returned and credit is issued, will the corresponding EW be credited or refunded?

If the product and EW are eligible for credit, a credit is given to the distributor at the same time for both the product and the EW. The distributor and reseller manage reseller and customer credits.

If the product is returned for replacement under the standard warranty, does replacing it affect the EW?

The serial number of the replacement product is transferred. The replacement product inherits the standard and EW eligibility dates.

Phone Number: (916) 377-7000
Business Hours:
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST)

Open an Online Service Request if assistance is required outside those hours. 

Where can I register my Activation Key(s)?

Go to the Entitlements page to register your Activation Key(s). To complete registration, you need the hardware serial number of the product that you want to link the warranty.


If, while registering the serial number, you receive an activation key is not valid for this hardware serial number provided error, contact the Warranty Team for assistance:


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