Intel® NUC System Freeze Resources





Below are a list of common symptoms and articles to help resolve them.

Symptom Troubleshooting article
Intel® NUC seems to randomly turns off or freezes. Troubleshooting for System Hangs, Unexpected Shut Down, or Blue Screens (BSOD) on Intel® NUC Devices
After installing M.2 NVMe SSD the system hangs. Intel® NUC Crashes or Freezes When Using the M.2 NVMe SSD
Intel® NUC is hanging during boot process Intel® NUC Freezes During Boot
After connecting two displays the Intel® NUC appears to freeze. Intel® NUC Freezes When Two Displays are Connected
When trying to access the BIOS through the power menus, the Intel® NUC hangs. System Freezes When Trying to Access an Intel® NUC's BIOS via Power Menu
Intel® NUC appears to hang at the Windows* Automatic Repair screen. Computer Freezes on Windows Automatic Repair Screen

If these articles don't address your issue, please contact Intel® Customer support.