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How to Enable Bezel Compensation in the Intel® Graphics Control Panel


Steps to enable bezel compensation in the Intel® Graphics Control Panel.


What is a bezel and when would I change bezel correction settings in Collage Display?


A bezel is the outside frame area around the monitor glass. When two or more displays are connected to share one image, then uniformity of image across different monitors gets disrupted. In order to provide a continuous image, the user can change the bezel correction settings using these steps:

  1. Verify Collage Display mode is enabled.
  2. Keep or reopen the Intel Graphics Control Panel and open the Display settings.
  3. Under Bezel Correction, select On.
  4. Drag the circular patterns or press the arrow keys until it looks like a complete circle. Alternatively, bezel values can be directly entered in the text boxes.

complete circle

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