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How to Delete an Application from Intel® Smart Edge Node


Deleting an application from an Intel® Smart Edge Nodes


Steps needed to delete an application from a Smart Edge node.


To delete an application, the steps are the following:

Using the Topology Orchestrator

  1. Navigate to the Edge Node detail page by clicking on Edge Nodes | Nodes.
  2. Find the node you want from the list.
  3. Then click on the Detail gear icon to get the Edge Node detail page.
  4. Navigate to the Topology Orchestrator by clicking on Networking | Topology.
  5. Scroll down the page and found the application you want to delete.
  6. Click on X Remove Application next to the name of the application.
  7. Click the Delete button on the pop-up to confirm.
  8. Click Apply/Reset button.
  9. Click the Apply button to deploy the template.
  10. Click the Refresh icon to view the deployment status.
  11. When the Status shows Complete, the window will close, and the application has been deleted.

If a new application is needed see the article How to Deploy an Application Using Intel® Smart Edge Technology.