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How to Enable or Disable Notifications from Intel® Unison™ PC App


Microsoft Windows* 11 SV2, iOS* 15.x, Android* 9

Windows 11, 64-bit*


Provides details of how to enable or disable Notifications from Intel® Unison™ PC App


Why is my PC do not prompt any notifications from Intel® Unison™ PC App?


Notifications Settings of Intel® Unison™ PC App

Click Settings icon (at the bottom of left panel).

Click Notifications.

To enable/disable Notifications

Switch ON/OFF Notifications from your phone will be shown on your PC.

To enable/disable Show pop-ups

Switch ON/OFF incoming Notifications will trigger pop-ups on your PC.

To enable/disable Pop-up sound

Switch ON/OFF incoming Notifications will play a sound when the pop-up is displayed on your PC.

(Use the Built-in High-quality microphone and speakers with default audio device settings).

To Set Pop-up style

Select Full Content.

Notification pop-ups will include the app name, the message, and the sender details.

Select Private (app name only).

Notification pop-ups will only include the app name.

To enable/disable Get notifications from these apps

Switch ON/OFF may choose which apps you want to receive Notifications from the connected phone.

Note: All of the apps list will only be display after Phone and PC status are Connected

Switch ON/OFF Notification, pop-ups and full content from the selected list of Phone's app

If the required notifications fail to display in Windows*

Check the individual app settings in PC and Phone’s App settings to enable it.

To check Windows* Notification Service (WNS)

The notifications can be silenced and respect the DND (Do not disturb)/Focus Assist definition of Windows*.

From Windows* PC

Click System > Notifications.

Switch ON/OFF Notifications from apps and other sender (via Intel® Unison™)

Switch ON/OFF Do not disturb automatically or select from lists.

Press Win + N to display Windows* Notifications

Windows* Notifications: Example of WeChat notification via Intel® Unison™ after switching On

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