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Why I Can't Access My Intel® Partner Alliance Account Using the Same Credentials I Had Before


Guide on how to resolve login issues for Intel® Partner Alliance accounts

  • Encountered error "Oops, something went wrong!" upon signing in to the IPA portal
  • Encountered page with a message "Error while processing/content/saml_login"
  • Encountered error "Blocked: You can enroll into Intel® Partner Alliance with your corporate domain only."
  • Encountered page "Let's get you into the Program!"
  • I am unable to access my partner profile to redeem points and manage our benefits.

For all active partners that are still using a generic email domain (i.e.,, and a shared email address (i.e.,,, it will not be accepted anymore as a login on any Intel website due to the current upgraded security controls launched by Intel. It will now require users to have an individual corporate email address when signing in. The format must be like "".

Hence, we highly encourage all partners to provide their individual corporate email addresses (should you have one), contact Intel Customer Support for validation, and the team will change the email address that is on record (if applicable).

If further help or clarification is needed, contact Intel Customer Support and provide the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Account Number or other account settings
  • Screenshot/File (if applicable)
  • Link of the site you tried to access