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Upgrading Intel® 12th Gen CPU to Intel® 13th with Intel® RST Installed on Intel® VMD Enabled Platform When Pin to Pin Compatible


Windows 11* Family


Info on how to upgrade Intel® 12th Gen CPU to Intel® 13th with Intel® RST installed on an Intel® VMD enabled platform when pin to pin compatible


I get a BSOD when I upgrade the CPU from the Intel® 12th CPU Gen to the 13th Gen after following the appropriate BIOS upgrade. I want to retain the OS image with Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) installed on my  Intel® Volume Management Device (Intel® VMD) enabled platform, but the system can't boot into the OS and I get  a BSOD.


Preliminary steps:

  1. Need to enable Windows* OS SAFE mode before CPU upgrade.
  2. Power on and set to AHCI mode/ disable Intel® VMD in BIOSNote.
  3. Boot to Windows* OS SAFE mode with MSFT inbox driver.
  4. Reboot and set back to Intel® VMD mode in BIOSNote.
  5. Boot to Windows* OS SAFE mode, check if VMD driver is loaded.
  6. Disable Windows* OS SAFE mode.
  7. Reboot. System should be able to boot into OS.
NoteThis option's availability is dependent on the system vendor providing this option in system BIOS. Contact your system vendor to get more details on this option availability in the system BIOS.

Resolution steps:

  1. Before upgrading the CPU, enter Windows* OS and update Intel® RST Driver to 19.5.0 or later (supports Intel® 13th gen platforms).
  2. Reboot. System can enter OS normally.
  3. Run Windows* Sysprep (built-in tool in below directory) like this:




  4. Perform CPU upgrade and the power on the system.
  5. Check if system can boot to OS successfully.

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