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Customer Cannot Log In Due to Multiple Accounts


Explains how to accept multi-factor authentication (MFA) invitation if a user has another email address associated to Microsoft.

  • I cannot login to Intel Partner Portal.
  • I cannot log in to my account using my password.
  • Encountered an error Invitation redemption failed in accessing the invitation link.

If a redemption link for MFA invitation is provided, and you encountered an error Invitation redemption failed,  and you have another email address associated to Microsoft, follow the steps below: 

  1. Clear your cache and cookies
  2. Go to account sign-in page.
  3. You should see all the account aliases listed and can remove one if needed.

  4. Once done, copy the redemption link provided by Intel Customer Support (do not click). 
  5. Use Chrome* Incognito mode and paste in the link. 
  6. Once successful, you can set up MFA to your account. To strengthen the security of your account, Intel strongly encourages users to add two authentication methods for an alternative, in case the default method does not work. For complete guide, you may refer to How to Set Up Azure* Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (


If the issue persists, contact Intel Customer Support  and provide the link and screenshot of the whole webpage. 


NoteRedemption link for MFA invite is valid for 30 days.