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What Is XMP Memory and How Do You Configure It on an Intel® NUC Product?


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This article provides a short description about XMP Memory and configuration tips for NUCs.


XMP Memory

XMP or Extreme Memory Profiles, is an Intel technology that allows you to configure multiple memory settings by selecting a different profile, It takes advantage of higher than standard memory speeds.

By configuring XMP setting the memory can be overclocked by adjusting frequency, voltage and timings, but it can also be used to help reduce power consumption by allowing the system to enter into low-power modes.

XMP Memory Support on NUCs

Not all NUCs support XMP Memory, refer to the TPS and check for support under System Memory. If XMP is supported, go into BIOS setup, Performance, Memory and set up the correct XMP Memory Profile.


If the XMP Memory is not working as expected, check the following:

  1. Validate that the NUC supports XMP Memory by checking the Technical Product Specifications.
  2. Check that the memory modules are XMP.
  3. Check that the XMP Memory has been validated by visiting the Intel Product Compatibility Tool.
  4. Configure the XMP Memory Profile in BIOS>Performance>Memory.

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