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Intel Product Plastic Packaging Material Compliance with South Korea Plastic Packaging Marking Requirements


Criteria for packaging material structural grade marking, Notice No. 2020-39 and its amendment on exceptions for the marking of packaging material evaluation results under Notice No. 2021-57.


Unable to find compliance information related to South Korea plastic packaging requirements related to Notice No. 2020-39 and 2021-57.


Intel maintains corporate specifications for ensuring that their product packaging material is marked in compliance with South Korea requirements. New Intel packaging is currently compliant with South Korea marking requirements for plastic packaging. For legacy packaging materials that have been introduced prior to South Korea recycling mark regulation commencement, Intel takes the approach to update with the latest South Korea markings only if they undergo packaging material changes. 

Additional information

Intel is not a producer or importer for South Korea. If the plastic packaging material is evaluated as difficult to recycle and registration to Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) via the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) website is needed, customers should contact their designated Intel Representative if they have questions.

The registration to South Korea KECO is only needed for customers that manufacture an annual shipping volume of 10 tons or more, or importers with an annual importing volume of 3 tons or more in the previous year based on shipping/import volume of products and packaging materials. If these volume requirements are not met, KECO registration should not be required.