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How to Fix a Microphone That Is Very Quiet on the Intel® NUC M15 Kit – LAPBC


Built-in Microphone, Audio driver 1.7, Windows 10

Windows 11* Family, Windows® 10 family


Instructions to remove and reload Audio Drivers in order to fix quiet microphone audio.


The sound level from the built-in microphone is very quiet after updating the audio to driver audio package version 1.7.


It is possible the driver was not properly updated to version 1.7 or the driver could have been corrupted during the download process.

The current driver(s) need to be removed before installing the driver again.

To reinstall the driver, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Windows* Device Manager
  2. Uninstall the following components:
    • Audio inputs and outputs

      • Microphone Array

      • Speakers

    • Audio Processing Objects

      • Intel SST APO

    • Sound, Video and Game Controllers

      • SST for Bluetooth Audio

      • SST for Digital Microphones

      • SST for MIPI SoundWire Audio

      • SST for USB Audio

      • Realtek SoundWire HW Audio Codec Device Driver

    • System Devices

      • SST Technology BUS

      • SST Detection Verification

      • SST MIP

  3. Reboot the system

  4. Download the latest Driver Pack for your system

  5. Unzip the Driver Pack to any designated location

  6. Navigate to the AudioPackage-1.7 or later

  7. Right-Click InstallPackage.bat and Select, Run as administrator

This procedure completes the removal and installation of the Audio Driver Pack.

If the issue is not resolved after following the steps mentioned above, it is recommended to run a fresh Windows* installation and reinstall the drivers again by following the Intel® NUC M15 Laptop Kit – Driver installation guide.

Additional information
  • Applications that use the built-in microphone such as Skype, Zoom or Teams report very quiet audio so that other people cannot hear it, but before the driver update it worked well.
  • Using an external audio microphone device, for example a headset connected to the laptop's headphone jack works fine.