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How to Resolve Issue with Black Screen While Using the System with Discrete Graphics


Windows® 10*, Windows 11*


Instructions to resolve Black screen issues with discrete graphics.


Unable to resolve black screen while using the system.


Try the followings tips:

  • Check if the screen is not on sleep mode.
  • Check cable connection of the monitor and the one connected to the system to ensure proper connection.
  • Try another video output from the graphics card (Intel Arc Graphics cards have three Display Port connectors and one HDMI).
  • Use another monitor that is known to be working or use the motherboards video output (unless you have a processor with the suffix line ending with the letter "F") to exclude monitor issue.
  • Check if your BIOS is up to date.

When the system is up, be sure to load the latest driver for the display.

  • Click the Windows key and type Device Manager.
  • Click Display adapters.
  • Right-click on the graphics device.
  • Click Update driver.

Check out or driver installation troubleshooting hub to find more information on how to install Intel Graphics drivers.

If the issue is not resolved, we recommend contacting Intel Customer Support.