Video: Ways to Update your Intel® Graphics Driver


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This video explains methods by which you can update your Intel® Graphics Driver. 

Video Transcript:
Hey there, I’m Shane a Gfx Support Engineer at Intel.

In this video, I’m going to explain the couple of ways that you can update your Intel Gfx driver.

If you have an Intel Processor with Intel Graphics inside your computer, there are basically 2 different ways that you can update your Intel Gfx driver.

The 1st Option is the easiest method and it’s called the Intel Driver & Support Assistant. The Intel Driver & Support Assistant is a free download available on

After downloading and installing the Intel Driver & Support Assistant, you open & run it and it will scan your computer to see which Intel drivers that you currently have installed and which ones may have updates available.

You will then be given the option to update the various drivers including the Intel Gfx driver.

It’s worth mentioning that no personal identifiable information is scanned or captured by this application – it’s simply looking for what HW is in your computer, what Intel drivers are currently installed and if there are any newer drivers available.   

The 2nd Option is for users that want to have more control over the process but it’s a manual process.

It does require that you know what Intel Gfx is in your computer and which Intel Gfx driver you currently have installed.

This 2nd Option is manually going to Intel’s Download Center ( and selecting Gfx and then going through the driver options to find the Gfx driver applicable for your specific computer.

If you have Intel Arc Graphics, the easiest way to update your Intel Arc Gfx drivers is to use the Intel Arc Control software. It comes bundled with the Intel Arc Gfx driver.

After you open Intel Arc Control, you go to the Drivers tab. Then click on the icon that looks like a gear in the upper-right corner. You can then customize the driver update settings.

In here, you can turn on Automatic Driver Updates and you can also schedule when the Intel Arc Gfx drivers are installed. There are additional options to notify only, download, or download & install automatically. You control what you want.

Thanks for watching and until next time.