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Where Can I Find Performance and Benchmarks Information For Intel® Processors?


Performance index for Intel® products


Need to find information about performance index for the Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors


Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Intel® Product Performance.
  2. Expand the Processors section, located on the left side.
  3. Expand the Intel® Core™ Processor section
  4. Expand Desktop section.
  5. Select the family you need info for.
Additional information

"Truth and Transparency” is a core Intel value. We believe it is a best practice to disclose testing information or other substantiation—including workloads, system configuration details, and testing dates—to enable intended audiences to understand the bases of our performance and power claims.

Our Performance Index not only does that, it also provides enough detail to enable more sophisticated audiences to closely review and evaluate our claims, testing choices, and configurations.

Consistent with this approach, Intel has re-formatted the Performance Index to make it even easier to find information about the claims we make in public marketing materials.

The Performance Index does not include testing information for every performance or power claim that Intel has made publicly. If you do not see the claim and backup details you are looking for, check the marketing materials that contain the claim you are interested in.

We will continue to develop the Performance Index with our latest claims and explore new ways to educate our audiences about the performance of Intel's products and technologies.

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