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Intel® Reverse Logistic Toolkit allows users to find the serial number (Visual ID) of their Intel® Processor by using their smartphones camera to scan the 2D Matrix symbol on their Intel® Processor. Optionally, users can generate the Electronic Service Request (ESR) file that customers may use to submit a warranty claim.

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Scan the 2D Matrix symbol

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What are the benefits of using Intel® Reverse Logistic Toolkit?Intel® Reverse Logistic Toolkit allows Intel customers to conveniently use their smartphones to scan their processor to obtain the Intel® processor serial number. This scan can also generate the Electronic Service Request (ESR) file that customers may use to submit a warranty claim.
Where can I download Intel® Reverse Logistic Toolkit?
Platform / Device Download Link
Intel® Download Center / Android Devices Intel Download Center 
Google* Play Store / Android Devices Google Play Store
Apple* App Store / Apple Devices Apple App Store
What smartphone device should be used? 
Android Devices Apple Devices
  • Minimum Android 9 Required
  • Size: 33.1 MB
  • Camera (10MP Camera minimum required)
  • No Min Device Req.
  • Size: 33.1 MB
  • Camera (10MP Camera minimum required)
Where is the 2D Matrix located?

Using your devices camera, allow Intel® Reverse Logistic Toolkit to focus and scan the 2D Matrix symbol, located on your Intel® Processor.

Scan the 2D Matrix symbol

How to run a successful scan with Intel® Reverse Logistic Toolkit?
  • Lighting is crucial: Turn on the in-app flashlight. Tilt the phone at various angles to try get a good contrast between the 2D Matrix dots and the background of the processor. Tilt and keep the phone steady for a few seconds at a time to give the app a chance to decode. Some users have said using a good external lighting source helps with a successful scan.
  • AutoFocus: Use the in-app zoom feature to zoom in and zoom out on the processor’s 2D Matrix symbol until you get good focus and a clear image. Also, move the phone closer and then further away from the processor in sequential steps at a time. Be patient and hold the phone steady to allow the app to decode.
What is a Scan for ESR? Scan for ESR allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to submit a warranty request online using the ESR (Electronic Service Request) portal. OEMs will need either a Material Master Number (MM#) or Customer Part Number (CPN) when scanning to generate a csv file, which can be used to email your process warranty claim representative.
Whom do I contact if I have additional questions? For additional questions contact Intel Customer Support.