Article ID: 000094016 Content Type: Product Information & Documentation Last Reviewed: 04/03/2023

Unable to Access a Document after Migrating to the Intel Azure* Login Method in the Resource and Documentation Center Website


Instructions and workaround to regain access for documents after Azure* migration

  • Unable to see results when searching for document using document numbers.
  • Specific collections of documents are not showing in the Collections tabs.
  • When accessing a bookmarked document, encountered 504 error.
  • Bookmarked documents is inaccessible after migrating to Azure login method.

On February 10th, 2023, Intel launched the Azure Multifactor Authentication (MFA) login method for new enhanced security controls among Intel websites, including the Resource and Documentation Center (RDC). If you experience the issues described above, refer to the instructions and workaround below for the following scenarios.

Scenario 1: Unable to access documents after migrating to Azure login method.

  1. Prepare the following details for Customer Support to check:
    • Document number
    • Document link
    • Screenshot of the error message
    • Link to the website where the error is encountered
  2. Contact Intel Customer Support.

Scenario 2: Encountered 504 error when accessing bookmarked documents after migrating to Azure login method.

Manually search the document again and create new bookmarks, as those documents bookmarked prior to Azure launch will no longer be carried over.