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Low Performance When Playing Dead Space* (2023) on Intel® Arc™ Graphics


Intel® Arc™ A770 Graphics ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO Windows 22H2

Windows 11* Family, Windows® 10 family


Explains how to fix low performance and FPS drops on Dead Space 2023.


When playing Dead Space (2023), there are low FPS, especially in places with glass or fog where you may see 2-3 FPS. You might see a crash if the game uses more that 12GB of VRAM.


Improvements for this title were introduced in driver Please install our latest WHQL or Beta driver to take advantage of these and other fixes and improvements. No crashes should be experienced. Make sure your system BIOS and OS are up to date and perform a clean install of the graphics driver.

Slight FPS drops might be experienced while looking through glass surfaces but without heavily affecting the gaming experience. This seems to be a game issue as it happens on other 3rd party GPUs as well. You can report this to the game developer.

Contact Intel Customer Support if after the driver installation you still encounter issues with this title aside from the FPS drop described above.

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