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How to Restore Default Settings Using the BIOS Default Jumper


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How to revert to default settings for Intel® Server Board M50CYP2SB on Intel® Server System M50CYP Family


How to restore BIOS settings to default using the BIOS default jumper on an Intel® Server Board M50CYP2SB Family


Address this by resetting the BIOS Default Jumper (BIOS DFLT – J70), which is located on Intel® Server Board M50CYP2SB Family at the bottom left corner of the board and it is labeled as (BIOS DFLT – J70).

Follow these steps:

  1. Power down the server system
  2. Unplug the power cord(s)
  3. Remove the system top cover
  4. Move the BIOS DFLT (J70) jumper from pins 1–2 (normal operation) to pins 2–3 (set BIOS defaults).
  5. Wait five seconds, then move the jumper back to pins 1–2.
  6. Reinstall the system top cover.
  7. Reinstall system power cords.
  8. Power on the system and press during POST to access the BIOS Setup utility to configure and save desired BIOS options.

The system automatically powers on after AC power is applied to the system.

After resetting BIOS options using the BIOS default jumper, the Error Manager Screen in the BIOS Setup utility displays two errors:

  • 0012 System RTC date/time not set
  • 5220 BIOS Settings reset to default settings The system time and date will need to be reset.
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    See details at the section named "BIOS Default Jumper (BIOS DFLT – J70)" in the Technical Product Specification for the Intel® Server Board M50CYP2SB Family

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