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How to Filter Sales Leads in the Intel® Partner Showcase


Intel® Partner Showcase


Steps to filter leads by country or region

  • Need to filter leads based on region or country
  • Need to filter leads based on preference

All leads will be directed to the storefront regardless of region or origin. There are two ways to filter the Leads according to your preferred country or region:

  • Export the Leads to an Excel* file and filter them out by region.
  • Clone the Leads and filter them by country.

Follow these steps in exporting the leads to an Excel file:

  1. Login to the Partner Alliance website, then click Manage Leads under My Tools. You must have Intel® Solutions Marketplace Admin rights to do this.

    example image

  2. On My Leads page, click the Lead Export button.

    example image

  3. Then click the Export button.

    example image

  4. A pop-up bar will appear, allowing you to choose a Formatted Report or Details Only. Choose one, and click the Export button.
    The leads can then be sorted based on country, region, or other attributes

    example image

Follow these steps to clone Leads:

  1. On My Leads page, click the cogwheel and click clone.

    example image

  2. After the list is cloned, click the cogwheel again and select Edit List Filters
  3. Click Add Filtersearch for “Country /Region”.
  4. Select filter values – Select the countries you want to use to filter the Leads.

    example image