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How to Choose an Intel® NUC Upgrade


What to consider when choosing an upgrade model for your Intel® NUC.


How do I find out what is considered a direct upgrade of my Intel® NUC model?

  1. Go to Product Specifications webpage (sometimes called ARK), click on Intel NUC, then decide whether you will be buying a NUC Kit or NUC Mini PC.
    • An Intel NUC Mini PC will come with the SSD, RAM and operating system (OS) and be ready to start using the Intel NUC right out of the box.
    • An Intel NUC Kit will not come with the SSD, RAM and operating system (OS), they will be purchased separately.
  2. Once you select an Intel NUC Mini PC or Intel NUC Kit, you will be shown an option to select which generation of NUC. Click on the generation of the Intel NUC that you would like to upgrade to.
    • In general, when choosing an Intel NUC for an upgrade, it would be best to pick one from the latest generation for 2 reasons; performance and availability. NUCs from the latest generation use the latest Intel processors and technology, making it the best option available when deciding to upgrade.
    • Choosing a lower generation Intel NUC is typically considered a downgrade, unless you're upgrading from an Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium processor to an Intel Core processor. You may still opt to do so, but keep in mind that older NUCs use older technology which may be incompatible with new hardware or software.
  3. Once you found a prospect NUC/s, use the compare tool to see the difference and if there will be something missing from its features.
  4. From the current selection, you can either choose a NUC you like or search for other NUCs to compare until you find one to your liking.