Article ID: 000092977 Content Type: Product Information & Documentation Last Reviewed: 06/21/2023

Record of the Completed Trainings on the Intel® Retail Edge Dashboard Is Different from Status Level Requirements


Explains why the data on Intel® Retail Edge Dashboard is different from Status Level Requirements.


Unable to determine why the record of completed trainings are reflecting differently from the Store Dashboard and the Status Level Requirement.


The number of trainings appearing in the Store Dashboard, Profile Dashboard, and Status Level tracking do not match due to their different tracking methods.

The Profile Dashboard shows activities of chips earned during the first time a user passes a training. The Chips Earned section only shows activities from the past 30 days but it does not show records of Partner Showcase chips. If a user completes a training twice, it does not necessarily mean that it will appear on the Chips Earned section twice, since the full chips are only earned on the first pass.

The Store Dashboard, on the other hand, only shows the overall trainings taken year-to-date. This means that the record of trainings taken will refresh at the start of every new year.

Re-completing a training does count toward the monthly training requirements for Status Levels, as long as the training is not retaken during the same month.